Interview with Yasmin Ulhaq

In my capacity as the business founder, I handle a diverse range of responsibilities, spanning business development, legal affairs, and service optimisation. My central role involves supervising property maintenance and devising impactful strategies to enhance the value of underperforming properties, particularly in the super prime category. Our concierge team is diligently managing tasks for our clients, while our maintenance teams are devoted to ensuring homes are impeccably maintained. We've curated an exceptional team of specialists in lettings, property management, and contractors, dedicated to upholding properties to the utmost standards.

What do you do for Glenfield Property Management?

As Founder, I take direct responsibility for the maintenance of every property under our management. Operating as a cohesive team of four, we maintain a well-organised operation. Huma manages the prime portfolio, while I personally oversee the super prime segment. This role is demanding but effectively keeps me engaged and focused.

What do you love most about your role?

What sets my role apart is the nickname my clients have bestowed upon me – the “Fixer.” I thrive on the challenges that come my way, tackling issues head-on until a solution is found. The dynamic nature of my work keeps me on my toes, and each day brings a fresh set of tasks, from coordinating housekeeping to addressing unexpected plumbing mishaps. Being a property manager demands a unique blend of social, technical, financial, and legal skills, making it a multifaceted role. Despite its complexities, the most rewarding aspect is undoubtedly engaging with a diverse clientele hailing from various backgrounds and cultures.

What has been your greatest achievement?

One of my proudest accomplishments is our commitment to community service. We actively collaborate with various charities in both the UK and abroad, frequently organising fundraisers to raise awareness and support meaningful causes. In March, we have an upcoming event at the Grosvenor in Park Lane which I am really excited for. Additionally, the gratifying knowledge that our business has flourished solely through referrals is a testament to the trust and satisfaction of our clients.

What types of intermediaries/buisnesses do you tend to work with?

In the realm of real estate, our collaborations extend across various sectors. We forge partnerships with a diverse range of professionals, including wealth managers, lawyers, trusts, interior designers, and fellow agents, all of whom regularly refer business our way.

Why did you join PCD Club?

Joining PCD stemmed from a genuine desire to meet likeminded professionals, discuss and exchange similar interests as well as grow my network. We have attended a number of events in UK and abroad and made some amazing connections. It’s a great platform.

What do you love to do when you're not working?

On weekends, I retreat to the kitchen, finding solace in my passion for cooking. Hosting meals for family and friends becomes a therapeutic escape from the demands of the workweek.


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