Frequently asked questions

Do I need I to be a member to attend events?

We welcome new people to join our events and you can buy guest tickets on a one-off basis subject to availability. The cost of membership and benefit of the digital package make a compelling offer for senior professionals who are serious about growing their industry reputation & practise on an international basis.

Some digital content is available to non members but joining our UK & international webinar content live is an exclusive benefit of PCD members and our sponsors' guests. If you want to get involved in this new and engaging format you must become a member. Members can also benefit from speaking, writing and promotional opportunities for themselves and their firm.

Is the membership linked to any location?

No. You can use the tickets allocated in your membership package in any location. This is a change from previous memberships to provide enhanced flexibility.

How much do guest tickets cost?

Dinner tickets cost £250 + VAT, depending on location. If attending multiple events, it will make sense to become to member.

Am I guaranteed a place at events if I am a member?

There is a limit on capacity at each event so we cannot guarantee members a place. In London we have moved to a venue with substantial capacity but elsewhere may be more limited so we would recommend booking early to avoid disappointment. Over the course of the year members will have a chance to use their allocated number of tickets.

What happens if I have booked a ticket but can no longer make the event?

If you register for an event and can no longer attend, provided notification is received at least 14 days prior to the event, you will be entitled to re-book a future event at the same location. Please contact to arrange this.

If the named person is unable to attend an event they are registered for, PCD will accept the substitution of a colleague of equivalent seniority at the Directors' discretion.

In the event of a No Show at an event, it will count as one of your membership events.

Can corporate members use more than one dinner ticket at an event?

Yes. You can use as many tickets as you like for an event for the named users.

What happens if I use up the full ticket allocation in the membership package?

You can purchase additional tickets for events at the guest ticket price once all of your ticket allocation has been used up.

I was a member in 2020, but couldn't use my tickets due to COVID-19. What happens when events resume?

PCD has provided vouchers to all current members in the form of Dinner Ticket vouchers, which are valid for the next 18 months, provided the remain a member of PCD Club and renew their subscription on an annual basis. These vouchers can be used by named members or their guests to provide maximum flexibility to our community.

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