Interview with Dominique Calco Labbruzzo

What do you do for your holistic law firm?

In my role as a business attorney and international holistic lawyer, I adopt a comprehensive, positive psychology approach that goes beyond traditional legal practices. I not only address and resolve legal issues but also help my clients with integrative legal counseling and holistic leadership mentoring to improve their whole lives and businesses. Offering expertise in Company Succession, Inheritance, Real Estate, and Holistic Law for families and business owners/CEOs in Switzerland and internationally. I specialize in handling cross-border cases between Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. Fluent in Italian, German, and English, my practice ensures a nuanced understanding and tailored legal strategies for a diverse clientele. 

What do you love most about your role?

What I find most fulfilling is guiding individuals and businesses to look beyond their immediate legal challenges. I love to draw on my rational, emotional, creative, philosophical, psychological and spiritual abilities to foster personal development and facilitate a transformation in both business and personal spheres through this unique blend of legal advice and coaching. Another very important part of my work, which I love, is delivering keynote speeches on holistic law for businesses, as well as conducting workshops. 

What has been your greatest achievement?

Transitioning from a traditional attorney who cares about the professional and financial wins to also embracing the holistic lawyer who aims to embrace the full essence of my clients stands out as my most significant achievement. This shift was not just a professional evolution but a profound personal transformation. It came from addressing the accumulation of my own wounds in life and being curious about folding in an array of approaches, techniques, and philosophies to learn, grow, and serve my own clients.They include my forays into yoga, massage, coaching education that complement my legal training. The rewards of now serving from this holistic approach go way beyond material success; the heartfelt feedback and gifts from clients expressing their appreciation nourish my soul and affirm the impact of drawing from my own broad toolkit I accumulated while healing my own wounds and nurturing my path to wellness and vitality. I am also very proud to have received the WOMEN- IN-LAW AWARDS 2024 as a Trailblazer & Innovator representing Switzerland for HOLISTIC LAW at the World Business Festival in London organized by the World Law Alliance. 

What type of intermediaries do you tend to work with?

I collaborate with a diverse range of professionals, including attorneys, fiduciaries, family offices, and high-net-worth advisors. This collaborative approach ensures that legal strategies align seamlessly with broader business and personal objectives, which is required to realize my holistic approach to working with clients. 

Why did you join PCD Club?

Joining the PCD Club was driven by several compelling reasons. The diverse and accomplished membership base provides an excellent platform for networking that allows me to continually learn how to better serve my clients by gaining new insights from their various perspectives.  Additionally, the allure of international venues affords fostering connections that transcend geographical boundaries.

On a weekend, where are you most likely to be found?

On weekends, I look for ways to rejuvenate my spirit. Whether sailing, giving myself over to dance, cycling along scenic routes, or simply enjoying the dolce vita, these activities are my inspirations for crafting short stories in my newsletter These narratives, colored by elements of psychology, spirituality, art, and culture, serve as tools for self-reflection and a unique exploration of my ongoing holistic law cultivation and practice for my readers.


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