An Interview with Liti-Link

Niall Husbands, Consultant

What does your company do?

Liti-Link is a Swiss-based company that has already already assisted over 1’700 institutional and private investors in reclaiming retrocessions* from their Swiss banks and/or asset managers. Claims can be made going back 10 years, and the average recovery seen to date has been 5%** of the value of the portfolio. 

 *Retrocessions are all monetary benefits received by Swiss banks and/or asset managers, particularly, trailer fees, provisions, retrocessions, stock maintenance provisions, kickbacks, finder‘s fees, distribution remunerations, etc.

** Depending on the average assessment amount in funds and structured products.

How can you help PCD members?

As an unconflicted industry expert in a very specialist field, Liti-Link can work with PCD members to recover their clients’ assets, on a contingent fee basis.  This affects any individual or entity that holds - or has held in the last 10 years – an investment account with a Swiss Institution. Trustees and Company Directors in particular are obliged to take action in order to comply with their Fiduciary duties, and may have legal action taken against them personally for not doing so – as we are currently seeing in Liechtenstein concerning this exact matter. It should also be noted that unlawfully withheld retrocessions can also be reclaimed by investors even if there was no discretionary asset management mandate (e.g. advisory mandate or execution-only mandate).

Why did you donate to this campaign for GOSH?

PCD has a very broad audience, and Liti-Link was keen to help David and team use their platform to raise money and awareness of the amazing work that GOSH undertakes. It was an obvious opportunity to help raise our own profile as well!!

What should the PCD team do next for charity sponsorship?

Any form of fresh air activity to support a worthy cause.

“Liti-Link takes care of the past, so you can focus on the future”

Niall Husbands


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