12 November 2021

I joined Buzzacott on a three year training contract during which time I sat my ATT and Enrolled Agents (US) exams whilst also getting to grips with client based work including tax return preparation.

18 July 2021

I've really enjoyed all of it thus far, definitely enjoyed meeting the team even if some of them have just been via Zoom! It's been great to get stuck in and see all the good work PCD does and will be doing going forward.

18 July 2021

I was presented with a great opportunity to join an experienced and ambitious lender who wants to grow its presence in the bridging finance market, supported by an interesting mix of funding sources.

18 July 2021

My promotion to Senior Associate recognises my personal development and technical expertise in estate administration.

18 July 2021

In 2010 I took the opportunity to relocate from Glasgow to London with Barclays Wealth, moving from operations to a client-facing role.

18 July 2021

At the start of 2021, Elon Musk penned a simple message on social media that contributed to a mass exodus from one of the most popular communication platforms around.

18 July 2021

Family Offices structures in Singapore increased 5 times between 2017 and 2020 as affluent families choose Singapore as the preferred destination to set-up their Single Family Office.

12 July 2021

I am the Managing Director for Trident Trust in Malta. Ultimately, I see my role as trying to find the right balance in achieving the goals of the company stakeholders, our clients and my colleagues.

17 June 2021

I am a Director for Abacus Trust Company Limited, our Isle of Man based fiduciary and advisory business and I joined the company in April 2020.



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